Trumped is the New F*cked ☀ Tell "the Don": "Go Trump Yerself"

Trumped is the New F*cked 

   Let's try this new Trump-bot: "ISIS really needs to take Donald Trump out. If ever there were an ugly American ISIS needs to take out, it's Donald Trump." Jest kidding, you know sarcasm... out to a ballgame, please. "Trumped" is destined for curse-word infamy, right up there with "fucked", "hosed", "fubar" and "impaled on a micropenis."

 One really bright prospect of the "Trumpocalypse": now one can categorize and identify all the loose-screw, a$$holes and supremacist nutbags in the local neighborhood, the media, and Washington DC. Place a big red "T" on their a$$es, for future reference. These are the folks who would round you up and put you in a concentration camp, break all the windows on command, all the while claiming how "great" their version of "security" is...

 History may not repeat itself exactly, but it does crawl up into a mobster Tower, sends other people's kids to war and then smacks you in the head with a sack of gold coins. "Go Trump yerself"... "go get Trumped" ... "Trump-off". Such rich additions to our English vernacular!

 Don't even get us started on the Spanish... jajaja.  sopoʇ ɐ sǝɥɔoN sɐuǝnq ❤ ☀


Donald Trump’s Destruction Isn’t Funny Anymore

If you can live with this bloodthirsty hate, you have no right to call yourself a patriot


We are here.
We have arrived here. Donald Trump last week called for Russia to hack Hillary Clinton and commit rogue state espionage against a political leader. That was treasonous in my mind. That was beyond all reason. America reeled. He has thrown such insanity at us repeatedly that it’s become normalized.

Mexicans are rapists. Muslim Americans and refugees alike are terror threats. Women should be punished by law for seeking to end a pregnancy. Build the wall. Round up Latino American families in the night like rabid dogs.

This was all most foul. This week it got worse. On Tuesday, August 9, Donald Trump, the Republican Party’s nominee to be leader of the free world, outwardly promoted “Second Amendment” solutions against Hillary Clinton: her body, her campaign, potential judicial nominees.

There is no gray area. This is exhorting gun violence. This is pushing his followers to take up arms and inflict harm. Grievous harm. Civil war.

Say no. If you are sane, if you stand with life, if you care about this nation, our character and our survival, this is when you get off the sidelines and say no. This is the line in the sand. Our psychological Maginot Line has been breached.

There is no middle ground here. This is where you look into the abyss, into the Day of the Locust, into this Helter Skelter, into this proposed mayhem and make a choice and say no.

Today’s comments are not banter. They are not theories. This is real. There is no turning back. He is saying there will be blood. I’m horrified.

No longer can any worthwhile American say, “But the candidates are the same.” No. It’s not a lesser of two evils. There is one evil. And it is Trump. There is no cover. You can no longer and say, “He’s a business guy.” Or, “I’m bothered by Hillary’s emails.” Or, “They’re all the same.” Or, “He doesn’t mean it.” Or, “He’s an entertainer.”

He means it. He made that crystal clear today. He is calling for internecine war. He is calling for all-out Armageddon. He is calling for battle—beyond this election. This cannot be ignored.

I don’t want to hear that this is a breath of fresh air, he’s not politically correct, or let’s let Donald be Donald. Donald is antithetical to our character. He’s dangerous to our safety. We must stop Donald being Donald at all costs.
It’s black and white. It’s alpha omega. It’s a stark choice.

If you vote for Trump, you validate this. There is no grey area. It’s now all or nothing. Make no mistake. If you support Donald Trump, you condone this. You are okay with what he says and what he stands for. You agree with him. You agree that Latin Americans should be rounded up. You agree with his sick, twisted Second Amendment solutions. You say yes to shootings. You agree with his destruction, his purposeful, glib rips in our fabric. You want what he wants. You are fine with this.

I’m not. This is a “Have you no decency, sir?” moment in time: This is your choice and your fork in the road.

No American who loves this country has the excuse, cover or capacity to waver and shrink and hide behind skirts after this week. If you are with Trump, and his despicable irresponsibility, his bloodthirsty hate for who we are, you have no right to call yourself a patriot.

Make the choice. It’s now or never.

This is the kind of talk that pushed Timothy McVeigh. That pushed a shooter in Tucson after Sarah Palin said, “Don’t retreat, reload.” That encouraged Dylan Roof’s hand and gave vocabulary to some black dog in his head that snarled, “You can do this; you have backing.”

I’m trying to appeal to people who are considering sitting this one out and think elections don’t matter—who don’t like Democrats reflexively, maybe, or aren’t on board with Hillary. Who say he’s a business community guy or a family friend—”I’ll go with him.”

Know that if what Trump is calling for comes to pass, if people get hurt, the stain is on your hands. Words matter. Intent matters.

You should be unable to live with this. Plumb deep. If you can live with this, you are indecent. There’s no other way to put it.

Disclosure: Donald Trump is the father-in-law of Jared Kushner, the publisher of Observer Media.  


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Hey "The Don" D-Bag Trump: 


O.o Wait you do that twice a day already   ░(☼~☼)░ 

"Hilarity Trumps Hate" playlist:  https://youtu.be/_HYe9VdOGIQ?list=PLfRHLmFaPjT0lB_X5cF4ij5icpywb6qvg



Kū Kiaʻi Mauna Kea: Hawaiian Heaven vs American Empire


Defending Mauna Kea: Hawaiian Heaven v$ the American Empire

 Mauna Kea needs a lawyer. Most sacred mountain of Native Hawaiian and Earth-spirit cultures, under siege by industrial developers and military domination, seeks an educated legal representative before the World Court of opinion. And UNESCO. Also, a PR agency would be excellent, to break the media silence in America.

 The history of Hawai'i in the last century has been largely a matter of what invading and occupying interests could "get away with." Under the threat of force by the military American state, industrialist families "overthrew" the Hawaiian Kingdom and imprisoned their Queen, which allowed for a white-controlled Republic to become the 50th State of the USA. All the while land was bought and sold, military bases and bombing ranges expanded, foreign populations flooded in, and America looked the other way, embroiled in their own foreign wars of occupation.

 If American media would simply show the truth of what has taken place here in the Hawaiian islands, to Native Hawaiian culture and people, the devastation of the land, hell, simply show what building a modern "telescope" on a pristine volcanic landscape looks like... the nation would rise up in shock and protest. But the don't see the bombing and destruction of Kaho'olawe, most sacred navigation beacon in the heart of the islands, they know absolutely nothing of the gigantic bombing range between the two largest and most sacred volcanoes on Earth, "Pohakuloa Training Area"... in the most endangered bird habitat in the USA.

 So while Native Hawaiian leaders and cultural practitioners confront a vast governmental-industrial cultural empire seeking to build the largest telescope yet, the 13-story TMT project on their most sacred heavenly mountain, US media ignores and looks the other way to more important stories, like Donald Trump running for a Presidential election more than a year away. While the most dramatic First Nation cultural clash in recent years takes place in the most cinematic locations in "Paradise", America pretends it doesn't know anything about Hawai'i, once again.

 Maybe this appeal from an academic scholar could break through "cognitive dissonance"?

Sacred Mountain - Mauna Kea, Hawaii

When I say “Mauna Kea” is sacred, I do not mean to use “sacred” the way most people use that term. I mean “sacred” not in the same sense of worship. I use “sacred” in the sense of “precious” and “so important that nothing else counts”—I apply it to those things and people that we care so much about that we would do anything, even flout and break the law, to preserve their existence.

The child of a parent, especially a young child is “sacred” in this sense. So are parents to their children. So are grandparents. Even the family pet is “sacred.” If your house was burning down would you risk your life to go into the burning house to rescue your children, your mother, your grandparents, even your beloved dog or cat? Would you go even if forbidden by first responders, firemen or policemen? Yes, many of us would go without hesitation–without thinking of the consequences. Would you give a kidney to save or extend the life of your child, your brother, your uncle? Would you spend all of your money to save a loved one from cancer? from Lou Gehrig’s disease or from a life in prison without parole? Yes, we all would.

Moreover, we praise such emotions and desires of others who make such sacrifices every day. We understand the soldier who sacrifices himself by instinctively jumping on a grenade. We understand the parent or grandparent who gives all their money to see their child or grandchild through college.

Whether one worships Mauna Kea or not, whether one considers it “sacred” does not matter as much as understanding the instincts that drive those to defend and save Mauna Kea—much as one would understand the absolute love for a child, or a parent even if such acts break the law.

When we see the instinct of family, of brotherhood, of sisterhood of love for mankind in others we celebrate that—we gravitate to that. We love and defend Mauna Kea because it reminds us what makes us human. Sacred is not necessarily a place. It is a relationship, a deep visceral relationship: beyond reason, beyond law, beyond rationality.

Mahalo and Mahalo Ke Akua.
Williamson Chang
Professor of Law

This millennium has uncovered new understandings of what has happened in Hawai‘i. As Dr. Sai states, “In 2001, the Permanent Court of Arbitration at The Hague, acknowledged that, ‘in the nineteenth century the Hawaiian Kingdom existed as an independent State recognized as such by the United States of America, the United Kingdom and various other States.’”

However, the US continues its illegal occupation, abuse of human rights and desecration of sacred lands. Te Wharepora hou have maintained their stance of solidarity with native Hawaiian peoples who presently struggle for the continued protection of Mauna a Wakea. Dr. Lee-Penehira advises, “Protectors of Mauna a Wakea have been occupying the sacred ancestral mountain on the island of Hawai‘i for over 100 days now, to prevent the construction of the world’s largest telescope; the planned Thirty Metre Telescope (TMT) project.

This is a direct attack on the physical, spiritual and cultural integrity of the maunga and the wellbeing of the Hawaiian People and the generations to come. Dr. Sai and I will be joining other supporters of Mauna a Wakea in a dawn ceremony of solidarity on Saturday morning here in Auckland.”

It is time, as Dr. Sai states, for the world to understand “the violation of human rights and war crimes that continue to take place on a grand scale whilst hidden under a cloak of deception and lies. These abuses are now coming to the forefront”.


 "Majority populations, cognizant of outside pressure and knowing that they should not resort to mass murder, have turned instead to cultural genocide as a “second best” politically determined substitute for physical genocide."

" Ethnocide means that an ethnic group is denied the right to enjoy, develop and transmit its own culture and its own language, whether collectively or individually. This involves an extreme form of massive violation of human rights and, in particular, the right of ethnic groups to respect for their cultural identity."   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethnocide


Incorrigibly Cunning Conscience in the Cosmic Garden

"Somos su mala conciencia"

Si seguro es lo que quieres en tu comunidad cuidado con lo que compra

elegir propietarios e-res reales en busca de una chispa en el ojo

esto supone que haya escogido su país y nación de la lealtad

a menos yer un anarquista salvaje creer en yer propia Royalty

Responda a las preguntas como si la construcción de un nuevo Stonehenge

junto inspirar conspirar construcción de un puente

generaciones que abarcan pasan secretos comprensión rimas

con Amor para todos los niños de todo el mundo para todos los tiempos

La plantación de árboles es un gran lugar para hacer un soporte

Árbol del Mundo teje dentro de sus raíces en su tierra

fertilizar con los gusanos de sus pensamientos conchas de identidad

convirtiéndose en vivo para nuestra Tierra permite vivir verdaderamente sentientemente

Comunidad sin conciencia es único negocio o conocido

intimidad viene con la creencia y la verdad en la confianza y la trascendencia

construcción de puentes con el cuidado de las fundaciones y ríos caudalosos

conexión de futuros con posibilidades tejidas con aljabas sueño

"In every outthrust headland, every curving beach, in every grain of sand there is the story of the earth." ~ Rachel Carson

Ancient Beauty Way vs. spillt Wargods

Ég trúi á Goddess. Goddess hefur aldrei brugðist mér, aldrei yfirgefið mig, jafnvel á kaldasta, mest auðn nótt. Goddess hefur rembingskoss mig um, eins og nýfætt barn eða drukkinn fífl. Hún er jörðin fæðingu frá þessum helgu fjöllum á brún Galaxy. Hún er fullkomin form náttúrunnar með mýkt, styrk, kynþokkafullur, vitur og forn.

Við trúi ekki á skegg Guð sekt og refsingu. Það er að segja, karl-Dominator guðir stríð, hefnd, harðstjórn og Supremacy. The bólfestu og drepa goð, fótbolta og Confessional guðir. Gods of vampíru sérstrúarsöfnuðum drekka blóð, sem fórnar saklaus verur, blása upp mannfjöldi af fólki. Gods of Hellfire flugskeyti og lofttegundir eitur, fangabúðum og neðanjarðar bækistöðvar. Gods of GI Joe, Terminator, eða tölvuleikur stjórna huga. Menn eru á þessum tíma rísa upp yfir gamla enslavements, karlkyns clubbing sálir sínar til undirgefni og nauðungarvinnu. Hlusta, Earthling-- hvað trúir þú? Löngu kominn tími á að "fá Real."

Við trúum á að ljúka umbreytingu mannkynsins. Við trúum á konum fæðingu þegar þeir velja. Við trúum á berum náttúrunni sem fullkominn listgreinin, skapaður af Guði og Goddess til dýrðar jarðar. Þess vegna teljum við í Mary Jane, og já, teljum við í Beyoncé, að sjálfsögðu, og við trúum á Pussy Riot, og Venus í lífgefandi brjóst. Við trúum á Móður Ocean okkar, lifandi, töfrum orku af fjöllum, brýst eldar eldfjöll, og vissulega Björk. Við trúum á Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lawrence og Fröken Magazine. Við trúum á erótíkin, Renaissance fegurð, geirvörturnar og loðinn húð í sólinni. Goddess okkar er alltaf til staðar til að kyssa særðum anda okkar, og að lýsa annað fallegur dagur á plánetunni jörð.

Doctrinam erroresque et delectare

Cum movit Amor, sicut Tempestatem

verrens vos in Somnium

Et de ore ejus verbum formam deae

crescant in maestitia fantastic gleam

Habetis quin et miror consociare amant ramis?

aut remigas contra aestus lovestream

resistere millions sidera et abscondere in nocte?

Pro dulci sumet amentia ut a mundi reformandam

hominem ducere animam de bello fuga

Splendor eius ut credamus nostre lacum

dato a magicis vibrante lumine

idem amor provocat omnis ratio et forma

cum eius pulchritudo et voce tibi totum jus

cadent in solem dico et amplecti Tempestatem

"If you have ever been called defiant, incorrigible, forward, cunning, insurgent, unruly, or rebellious, you're on the right track. If you have never been called these things, there is yet time." ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes

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